EMD Website Announcements

Our New Website Is Designed for Mobile, Too​

The Environmental Management Department's website has been redesigned to seamlessly flow and function on both mobile devices with simplified navigation, as well as large desktop screens with mega-menus.

"Increasingly people are going to our website using their smartphone or tablet. This redesign was done to accommodate this patent trend to make it easier to access our online services and information from big and small screens," said Val Siebal, Department Director.

For the redesign, it was important that information be readily available with easy navigation. All content, including graphics, have been designed to scale smoothly and the content reorganized into categories for tidy, intuitive navigation.

While the majority of the information available remains the same, this newly designed website infrastructure now uses a different platform. Therefore, some of your saved links may not work. Please visit EMD's new website soon, and if you have a technical problem, have trouble finding information or would like to make a comment about the site, please contact our webmaster: emdwebmaster@saccounty.net.​

Screenshot of the new EMD home page