​​​​​​​​EMD Latest News and Information

Handwashing prevents illness campaign

Annual SepticSmart Week Sept 18-22

EMD Food Safety Awards of Excellence for 2017 announced

River and Recreational Water – Know Your Risk

The SEC (Sacramento Environmental Commission) grades the exposure level of Cyanobacteria in Sacramento area waterways

EMD makes a new hazardous materials spill reporting information video available

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Hepatitis A Information

Important information and guidance for sanitizing surfaces and other areas to prevent exposure to the hepatitis A virus.

Storm Updates

Guidance for Returning Home after a Flood: English, Spanish

Additional flood guidance may be found on this site by visiting the EMD Disaster Response page.

Sacramento Environmental Commission (SEC)

​Environmental Management Department

916-875-8484 / EMDinfo@Saccounty.net / 10590 Armstrong Avenue, Mather, CA 95655-4153